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Extending perl include directory

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cpan cheat sheet

Installing modules from CPAN if you know the name of the module, you can install it directly without interacting with the CPAN shell Within the CPAN shell will search for a Perl module containing expression, and will install the module. … Continue reading

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Connecting to Oracle from perl

Installing DBI module for connecting to Oracle database Install DBI module with dependencies Once DBI is installed – install DBD::Oracle Connecting to Oracle from perl According to DBI Documentation here it’s possible to connect to the Oracle Database without having … Continue reading

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CPAN for non root user

Below is inspired by Installing Perl Modules as a Non-Root User Modify your .profile file Create directories During cpan initial configuration when asked for extra arguments enter

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CPAN on Solaris

This was a very useful link for me OpenSolaris: How to Build CPAN Perl Modules with GCC Instead of the Sun Compiler But code taken from the above link seems to be missing one extra argument that gcc doesn’t understand … Continue reading

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