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CentOS / Fedora Linux Live CD over cobbler PXE boot

This post will cover configuration of cobbler 2.6.0 running on Cent OS 6.8 for booting Live Fedora Core CD via PXE. Make sure to adjust SELinux variables to match below settings Mount Live ISO file and copy initrd.img and vmlinuz … Continue reading

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Connect to oracle database from php with oci

If you need to query oracle database from php – you will need to setup oci8 driver. In this post I will talk about what it takes to set it up on CentOS 6.4 server running apache 2.2 with enabled … Continue reading

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sendmail dsn=5.6.0, stat=Data format error

Just faced this issue today and here are some tips on troubleshooting. My environment (RedHat 5.9 , sendmail-8.13.8-8.1.el5_7) While trying to send mail from command line and monitoring /var/log/maillog I could see that message was rejected with below error Not … Continue reading

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HP Procurve to Cisco cheat sheet

cisco syntax / terminology HP Procurve syntax / terminology copy running-config startup-config write memory access port untagged port trunk port tagged port port channel trunk port channel trunk SOURCE ############ The switch maintains two configuration files, the running-config and … Continue reading

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showmount rpc mount export: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = No route to host

I’ve been setting up nfs server and nfs client on RedHat 6 and ran into a problem with the firewall. When showmount command was executed from the client – it was returning following error. For a quick test I’ve deactivated … Continue reading

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Making webex work on 64bit Fedora Core 18

Webex on 64 bit linux I’ve seen in many places people having issues with the webex on 64bit systems. Some reported that installing 32 bit version of firefox, 32 bit version of java and running webex under this 32 bit … Continue reading

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Installing systemtap on CentOS 6

In this article I will post series of commands that I used for installing systemtap on CentOS 6.3

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Troubleshooting Application issues in the load balanced clusters with Windows 2008 logon banner

I often work with Citrix farms running on top of Windows 2008. From time to time there are users complaining about inconsistent behavior of their published applications. From the users perspective – they don’t know which server in the farm … Continue reading

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Online data relocation in a clustered environment under RedHat 4

In this article I will talk about online data relocation in a clustered environment. Under clustered environment I mean Red Hat Cluster Suite running on RHEL 4.9. This article was inspired by one of our clients requesting to migrate data … Continue reading

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Linux notes

Various uncategorized Linux notes

Table Of Content

Shell, consoles, environment man searches for files under $MANPATH Files under $MANPATH can be displayed on the screen with nroff -man filename MAILCHECK=300 shell checks for new e-mails every 5 minutes echo $SECONDS How long … Continue reading

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