HP Procurve to Cisco cheat sheet

cisco syntax / terminology HP Procurve syntax / terminology
copy running-config startup-config write memory
access port untagged port
trunk port tagged port
port channel trunk
port channel trunk

SOURCE http://www.sisis.de/sisis-tech/howTo/systems/HP_ProCurve_Switch_2824.html
The switch maintains two configuration files, the running-config and the startup-config.
The startup-config is saved in the flash-memory of the switch. It is the saved configuration und this one is used while booting the switch.
After boot-process is done, the startup-config is copied to the volatile memory und used as running-config. All configuration changes are made in the volatile memory. So you have a possibilty to try changes in the running-config. If you are satisfied that the changes are satisfactory, use the command

write memory

to make the changes permanent. If you wouldn’t do so, the switch will not use the changed options when booting next time.
The following commands are useful to handle the two configuration files:

show config Display a listing of the startup-configuration file of the switch.
show running-config Display a listing of the running-configuration file of the switch.
show config status Compares the current running-configuration file to the startup-config
and determines whether there are updates or no.

To reset the switch to the Factory-Default configuration use the following command:

erase startup-config

If you want to make a backup of the configuration file to an other host you must have a tftp-Server running on this host. The following command saves the running-config to the host to the file “ProCurveConf”

copy running-config tftp ProCurveConf

To use a saved configuration from a remote host, try the following command:

copy tftp running_config ProCurveConf

The last command replaces the running-config with a saved config named “ProCurveConf” on host

Some more information on differences in terminology and supported technology

HP Procurve CLI commands

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