Troubleshooting Application issues in the load balanced clusters with Windows 2008 logon banner

I often work with Citrix farms running on top of Windows 2008.
From time to time there are users complaining about inconsistent behavior of their published applications.
From the users perspective – they don’t know which server in the farm they are hitting when they access published app, so it becomes difficult to narrow down sometime which particular server in a farm is misbehaving.

One of the ways to allow users to see which server in the cluster they are hitting is – adding server identification line in the security logon banner.

LegalNoticeText = "You are about to access Server 1 in the farm."

And if you don’t have logon banner enabled – you can enable it via GPO – details are here. Even though this link is not for Windows 2008 – same hierarchy applies. Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies/Security Options -> Interactive Logon.

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